About Us

Beringer Technology Group is an Industry Leader in CRM/ERP Integration

Beringer is a qualified leader in ERP to CRM data integrations. We have proven strategies from many distribution and supply chain implementations to deliver a great CRM solution that will not only unify your sales and marketing force, but also accelerate your company’s growth and greatly extend its outreach. Our solutions have been deployed for over 1,000 companies across a diverse range of industries, and our commitment to providing high-quality, proactive services is second to none. Our experience in implementation, configuration, training and support of Customer Relationship Management spans over 20 years as a company.

Introducing CRM for Distribution

Beringer’s CRM for Distribution is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that is specifically tailored for the wholesale distribution industry. It provides all the critical information about prospects, customers, suppliers, and sales teams at your fingertips.